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Road Trip Essentials 2018

Let me be completely honest! I HATE to fly! If someone told me I could fly to my destination and it would only take 2 hours or I could drive there and it would take 10, I would still choose to drive! Don’t get me wrong, I still fly, but only when I have to! LOL! Since we are a “Road Tripping” family, I’ve come up with our list of 10 essential for your families road trip! We have 2 boys, ages 16 and 12, so keeping them entertained WITHOUT their electronics is a priority! This is my list of must have when we travel! I know you’ll appreciate as much as I do! Happy driving- Dot


1. SwissGear Backpack

I love carrying a backpack everywhere we go. It replaces my purse and makes it easy to organize our stuff. We recently bought the SwissGear 1186 Travel backpack because it’s lightweight, has many compartments and it comes in a “manly” color. Apparently that was a must for my husband. What I like about it, is the side water bottle pockets. This allows me to drink more water instead of buying soft drinks during our trip.


2. Cooler

I know you can’t get away from eating out everyday on your vacation. But, while we drive there and back, we take advantage of having a cooler in our car. The Coleman Xtreme Series is a perfect size for our SUV. Our trunk can is open to the backseat so the boys can grab a cold drink anytime during our road trip. Since it has wheels, it’s easy to transport to our hotel and fill up before we go home. We fill it up with sandwich fixings and have a picnic at a rest stop. Brady always brings a football so the boys can run around and get rid of some energy.


3. RTIC Insulated Teal Bottle


I truly love my RTIC Teal Bottle and I use it on a daily basisSince becoming a kindergarten teacher, I’ve noticed I drink less water while I’m at work. You can’t blame me, who would want to drink out of the water fountains at school, YUCK! So, instead of buying plastic water bottles, my husband bought me this beautiful teal bottle! If fits perfectly in my bag and it keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours. This is very useful for our road trips since it saves room in our cooler and it reminds us to drink more water.


4. Car Seat Organizer

Being organized is a must when taking a road trip. There’s too many small objects that get easily lost in between our car seat. My Honda SUV is amazing because there’s plenty of room in the trunk and the backseat is spacious for our boys as well. Our car seat organizer  fits perfectly in between the boys and keeps them organized as well. This particular one has 8 storage compartments and it’s perfect for the movies, books, electronics and travel games. The front compartment is also perfect for holding their earbuds.


5. Road Kit

I keep our family organized and one time during our road trip, but my husband keeps us safe on the road. Since we are always on the driving, making sure you’re prepared for an emergency is a must. Brady loves the AAA 64 piece Traveler Road Kit. If an accident or flat tire would occur during our trip, it’s nice to know we are prepared. The 64 pieces ones in side a carrying bag and comes with jumper cables, flashlights, batteries, screw driver and a 45 piece first-aid kit.


6. Digital Camera

I use my iPhone 7 Plus to take the majority of our vacation pictures. But, when I need to zoom in, I use our Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Our camera came with a traveling case to make it easy to transport between locations. It’s very easy to use that even the boys now take some pictures. I know you can get a fancier camera but why? This does the trick without breaking the bank.


7. Books


As a Teacher and Mom, I’m happy to say that both our kids love to read. The first series they read all the way through was the Harry Potter series. They read all the 7 books through so they would be prepared when the movies came out. These are perfect for a road trip because they are paperback and it comes in a colorful box. The boys only take out the book they need and store the rest in its box. Have your read them?


8. Travel Games

If you’ve read my blog before, you now that Friday night are “board game nights.” We take turn picking what board game we play as a family. Brady and the boys like the more complex games, but I still like the old school favorites. UNO is the perfect travel game since you can lay the cards in-between the seats and it comes with a carrying case as well. When picking your travel games, make sure you don’t pick one with lots of parts like battle ship. At least play it at the hotel room, not in the car.


9. Travel Pillow

Let’s be honest, being in a car for hours can be a “pain in the neck.” Get it? LOL! The boys always carry their pillow in the backseat with their blanket, but it’s not so roomy in the front. Since our family suffers from allergies, I make sure to buy a hypoallergenic pillow. This one is fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


10. Expandable Suitcase

Last July, Brady and I went away for our anniversary to Mexico. Yes, he got me on a plane! When we arrived home, we noticed the airlines had damaged our luggage and torn a big hole in it. This is the reason I’m buying the Travelhouse 3 piece Expandable suitcase . This particular one  is constructed of lightweight and durable tear-resistant fabrication. The expandable feature gives you 25% more packing room and the front pocket is a perfect place to keep your travel documents or magazines.








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