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Hi, friends! We are the Johnson Family and we’re so happy you stopped by Dot’s Destinations. 

Our story begins 20 years ago when a girl walked inside a small church and met a handsome boy. Those two became best friends and one day she gazed into his hazel eyes and realized that he was “The one”. Forward many years later and I still get those butterflies in my stomach when I see my Hubby (Brady).

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dorothy (Dot) and I’m a Kindergarten Teacher and a Blogger. My husband Brady and I have been married for 20 years and have 2 wonderful boys. Christian is 16 years old and is currently in 11th grade.  He loves gaming and being a lifeguard at our local pool. Daniel is 12 and he loves building Lego sets and wants to be an Architect one day. 

My blog is about Budget Friendly Travel. Our family loves to take road trips and strive to go on at least 2 vacations a year. But, since Brady and I are both teachers, we live on a tight budget. We love to travel but don’t want to go into debt taking our family vacations. Because of this, I provide you with the affordable ways to afford those luxuries trips on a shoe string budget. Or should I say, a Teacher’s budget. If there’s a place you want us to visit, let us know!  So, follow us as we embark on a new adventure together!- Dot




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