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Shopping for your Preteens!

I don’t know about you, but every holiday and birthday I always ask myself, “What do I get Daniel?” My 12-year-old son Daniel has unique taste. He’s not your typical boy who sits in front of the x-box for hours and plays video games. Don’t get me wrong, he loves video games, but he prefers to build something or getting his hands dirty creating things. Because of this, I created a list to help out other parents who are in the same boat. Here’s my top 10 Christmas gifts for a 12-year-old boy! These have all been approved by Daniel! Happy shopping!- Dot


  • Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit: Just like every little boy and girl in this galaxy, Daniel can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie to come out in a couple of weeks. Until then, this Droid Inventor kit will do. What I love about it, is that it comes complete with everything kids need to create and control their own Droid (even a battery). Kids can put it together with easy step-by-step instructions that’s kid friendly. I do want to warn you, this is a popular toy, so don’t wait to order it.




  •  LEGO architecture New York Skyline: Every since Daniel was a young boy, his dream has been to become an Architect. So, at a young age, we started building LEGO architecture series with him. It combines his love of architecture and traveling together. We open up the box, read about the building and take turn creating his new master piece. The skyline series are a lot smaller than the normal series so it’s perfect for little hands. The New York Skyline is 10 inches high and 9 inches wide. The model features the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and The Statue of Liberty. Another fun thing to do is to buy this before your trip to NYC and surprise your kids with it! It’s a fun way to reveal your next vacation spot!



  • Mega Crystal Growing LabThis is a fun gift for a boy or a girl! They get to grow crystals in 8 different colors: blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange, yellow and teal. The easy to follow instructions shows them how to grow them inside the 4 silicone chambers and it comes with a Night Light Display. So it’s a night-light and a crystal growing camber. Two for the price of one! Mega Crystal is made by National Geographic so all the proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research and education programs around the world. It feels good to give back, doesn’t it?



  • Googly Eyes Game: This is a perfect game for “game night”.  A player puts on the vision-altering goggles and draws the word on the card. Then, your team has to guess what you drew before the time runs out. It’s basically dictionary but with silly Googly glasses. It’s for 7 years and up but I’m sure your 5-year-old would love to play along as well!



  • Glow in the Dark Slime Science KitThis is a classic DIY children’s project comes with 2 Slimy experiments. Your kids can create Gooey, Slippery and slimy fun and watch it ooze. The best part is, it glows in the dark. Not only isn’t this fun, but it’s also educational. It comes with a 12 page full color learning guide that explains the properties and the uses of slime in Nature. Be warned: it is a popular gift this season, so don’t wait for this slime kit!




  • Catch Phrase GameEvery time we go to our friends house, we always end up playing this game. The kids love it since they love to throw the game around like hot potato. You can pick the category and your team has to guess the word. They can use any word to describe it but if they use the “catch phrase” they lose their turn. There’s more than 5,000 words and phrases so its endless possabilites. Make sure when you’re picking this up at the store you don’t accidentally buy the “Adult” version of this game!



  • 4M Kitchen Science KitThis is the perfect gift to get your kids hands dirty! The 4M kitchen Science Kit allows your kids to perform 6 different science experiments using common kitchen ingredients. What will your kids to doing? They will generate electricity using a lemon, laugh a rocket with vinegar and write invisible message and so much more. If your kids are like mine who love Science, this present should be on their list!



  • LEGO Technic RC Tracked RacerThis RC Racer measures 5 inches high, 7 inches long and 6 inches wide. It’s a 2 in 1 model that lets you rebuild it into a RC off-Road Truck! How cool is that! Not only it come fully motorized but it’s remote-controlled with large tracks as well! Since it’s by LEGO I’m sure Daniel will love it!



  • Holy Stone HS160 Shadow RC Drone:  Let’s be honest! This present may be stolen by your oldest son or your husband. This high-tech Drone comes with a 720HD camera that can take aerial photos and videos. The APP control system make it easy for your son to see where he’s navigating to with the large screen. Since it has Wi-Fi connection to your phone, it makes it easy for him to share online. You may need to get an extra one for your husband after he sees this!
  • Nerf N Strike Elite Strongram BlasterLet’s be honest, boys love Nerf guns! My kids love going across the park and having a Nerf fight! My husband even joins the battle sometimes. What’s unique about this gun its ability to fire darts up to 90 feet and holds 6 Elite darts! That’s more time outside playing and less time inside playing video games! Bonus!!
I hope you enjoy my top 10 gifts for a 12-year-old! Please feel free to add others to our list– Dot
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1 thought on “Shopping for your Preteens!

  1. My son has had several of these, or similar, over the years. As a full-fledged teen, he wants clothes now. Or a gift card. But those days of building and creating stuff sure were fun. Any and all of these gifts will be sure to delight kids.

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