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Date night and a Masterpiece!

Brady and I try to go on a date night at least twice a month. With 2 active boys and very busy schedule, this can be difficult. When we heard about Pinot’s Palette  in Dallas, we had to give it a try. What’s Pinot’s Palette? It’s a painting class for those who’s live of painting ranging from beginner to advanced. The artist at the front of the room with guide you step-by-step through the featured painting and will make sure you’re staying on track to complete your masterpiece. The best part is, they use Acrylic paint. That means, it dries quickly making it easy to fix your mistakes. Brady and I arrived at the Lakewood location 15 minutes before the class started. This gives you time to put up your stuff, put on a smock, and pour yourself a drink. At Pinot’s Palette, you are allowed to bring any drink or snack with you. They will provide the cups and ice if you need them. There is a section where you can chill your wine and place your snack on as well. Don’t worry, if you forget to bring your wine, they sell bottles or individual serving as well!

The class was full of fun people from all age groups. Since it was our date night, we decided not to bring our boys. But, they do have classes that cater to kids. You can see on their calendar what those are. There was 2 long tables with at least 10 people on each side. The lady in front of us and another one sitting next to me, were both teachers. So, Brady and I had a blast trading “teacher” stories and comparing notes. The class goes at a great speed and takes lots of breaks. I loved how the artist walked around to make sure we were staying on task and answer any questions. Our class started at 7 and lasted until 10:00pm. During this time, we painted, sang along with the music, and had an amazing time.

As you can see from the pictures above, all the pictures look similar but everyone adds their own twist to it. Since we had to mix colors, some had darker paintings and some were lighter. The artist walks you through it and allows you to throw in your own style to the end result. You’ll see what I did below. When there was a break, we walked around and admired each others work. The table behind us was a group of ladies celebrating a birthday. Their laugh and humor was contagious.

My first tip is to not wear clothes that can’t get stained. Because it’s Acrylic paint, it doesn’t come off your clothes. So, wear comfortable, dark clothes. My second tip is to not worry that you painting doesn’t look exactly like the artist. Remember, just have fun, enjoy your drink and relax. It’s very relaxing to have a glass of wine and paint.

The first picture was Brady’s painting and the second one was mine. Did you find the hidden message on my tree trunk? I wanted to thank Pinot’s Palette Lakewood for hosting our “date night” and allowing us to show our creative side. -Dot

A huge thank you to Pinots Palette for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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