Traveling tips for Riviera Maya, Mexico

Brady and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary this August. So, we did something we’ve never done before, gone away on an Adult Only” trip. We truly enjoying traveling with the boys and treasure every moment of it. But, since the boys were going to be at church camp, we figured we’ll squeeze in a trip just for us! When researching trips to Mexico, you have so many options that it becomes overwhelming. We had friends stay at another El Dorado Resort for their honeymoon and their pictures were breathtaking so we knew that was our first choose. We picked El Dorado Seaside Resort in Riviera Maya because it was an Adult Only resort, it was a smaller resort with only 192 beachfront suites, each room was oceanfront and with your own swim up pool, a jacuzzi tub, and 10 specialty restaurants. Since Brady and I are foodie’s we had to pick  a resort that offered gourmet food. Tip #1 when researching your resort, read as many travel blogs as possible. We had a couple of things added to our package that made it memorable. The first one was “private transportation” (a driver picked us up from Lomas tour), 2 excursions (more about that later), and professional pictures taken on our resort.

When we arrived @ Cancun airport we quickly recognized Lomas transportation because they were wearing a turquoise blue shirt and white pants. Our driver pulled up in a Cadillac and whisked us away for 1 hour and 15 minute drive to our resort. When we arrived, we were greeted by Jose who kindly took our luggage, gave us a hot towel to wipe our hands and offered a glass of champagne to begin our celebrated. We felted like royalty and we had just arrived! After our quick check in, we we’re told since we were celebrating our Anniversary a “candlelit” dinner was included complementary in our package! WOW! After we scheduled our dinner, Jose took us in the golf cart to our building. We walked up to our resort door and saw our first surprise. A banner saying “Happy Anniversary” was waiting for us. I haven’t even opened the door and I was already impressed! Our room had a queen size bed, a bottle of champagne, and fruit waiting for us. I especially loved the swan made out of towels on our bed. Our view was spectacular as well. The room overlooked the ocean and we had a pool that wrapped around the 7th floor. It was breathtaking. I love resort bathrooms. Ours had a HUGE walk in shower that had 2 shower heads. One was a rain shower head and the other was on the wall. My shower at home is so tiny compared to this. Our bathroom had a jacuzzi tub with bath salt. This was perfect after our day at the beach.

After we rested, we decided to tour the resort on our own. This is always the first thing I do when I get to the resort. We like to walk around and see where we are located in comparison to the pool and the restaurant. What’s unique about our resort is, it’s divided up into 2 parts. Half of our resort is called Seaside and it’s for guest who live in the United States. The other half is called Sensimar and it’s for guest who are from Europe. It’s the exact resort even with the exact restaurants on both side but they each have a unique feel to them. Th Seaside part has 1 big pool, a swim up bar inside of it and pool games during the afternoon. It’s more of a party area. The Sensimar (European) part is more laid back and offered a better beach.. The ocean is crystal clear and you can go snorkeling or kayaking. We stayed the majority of the time in the European side because who wouldn’t want to spend their day talking from people around the world. I felt like i was inside a Harry Potter movie. I loved the different accents and the people were Lovely (see I even learned some new words)

The first place we stopped was Culinarium. We liked their appetizer menu but weren’t a fan of their entrée. So we decided to enjoy their array of Ceviche and go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We loved the atmosphere of Culinarium because it provides a unique experience since you’re completely surrounded with outdoor tropical vegetation that can be seen through glass walls. It felt very sophisticated and we were in a mood for a more laid back menu. Tip #2: Since it’s an “All Inclusive” resort, if you don’t like the restaurant you picked, try another one. Since there’s 10 restaurants on site, we made it a habit to try 1 for our appetizer, 1 for our main course meal and another for our dessert. We actually loved the Mexican restaurant and went back lots of times. After our Ceviche we went to La Carreta for dinner. It’s an authentic Mexican restaurant that offers dishes flavors you’ll find in Riviera Maya. Brady ordered the tacos while I had the chicken fajita. This was a perfect pair with my cold margarita. For dessert La Carreta offers Churro’s, tres leches cake, and flan. The waiter laughed when I ordered 1 of everything. I mean, why not?

After dinner and dessert we headed for the main stage to watch the fire show. After a long day of traveling, we were ready to call it a night.




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