Making the most of your Mexican vacation!

Tip #1, take advantage of their room service. Our day started out with ordering room service (open 24 hours) and enjoying our view of the ocean while we ate breakfast. We ordered waffles, toast, coffee, orange juice and fresh fruit. The orange juice is very sweet and the pineapple is amazing. It doesn’t taste this fresh in the U.S.

Afterwards we decided to walk off those calories by playing in the pool. The resort does a great job organizing games for the guest. At this time, there was a game of volleyball that we joined in. Let’s be honest, since I’m only 5’1 it’s quit challenging! LOL So, I let Brady continue to play while I enjoyed my hurricane drink on the beach. Tip #2 make sure you use sunscreen and reapply it every 30 minutes. Since we are closer to the Equator, the sun is extremely hot and powerful. I realized that while I was posting my pictures on Facebook and updating my Instagram I managed to get sunburned. Don’t make the same mistake. After hours of playing in the pool we decided to try Driftwood for lunch. We started out with chips and guacamole. I ordered shrimp and grilled corn for my lunch. Brady had pork belly. There’s no picture of it since he ate it before I could take one. I don’t know about you but seafood taste so fresh when you smell the salt air and sit next to the ocean! Of course I had to try their desserts. Don’t worry, I only ordered 2 this time. Brady and I shared chocolate cake with Bailey’s sauce and a lemon tart. The lemon tart was the perfect combination of tart and creamy. Still my favorite! Wait I forgot to tell you what happened on the beach. There were 2 guys wearing a wrestling mask and pretending to be wrestlers. I asked them if Brady could take a picture with it on. Say, hello to his new Facebook profile picture below! I told him if teaching doesn’t work out, he could be a professional wrestler. What do you think? LOL

After our relaxing afternoon we washed up and prepared for our Candlelit dinner on the beach. We arrived promptly at 6:30pm where our concierge took us to the other side of the resort for our dinner. That’s another thing that’s included in your package. You have your own concierge service who will take care of every need, make reservations and help you plan any excursions. Once we arrived we were situated high above the beach at a table nestled in the sky. It felt like our own treehouse. The Candlelit dinner was complimentary since it was our anniversary but it’s normally $150. (you have to show proof that it’s your anniversary). Our course began with a Mango salad, then a lobster soup. For our main course I ordered salmon with truffle potatoes while Brady ordered filet with truffle mashed potatoes and spinach. His steak was cooked to perfection and our meal lasted 2 hours. I felt bad for our waiter who had to go up and down the stairs overtime a new dish arrived. You can see from the pictures below what a beautiful setting it was. It was so romantic! Every anniversary, Brady and I go out to eat and talk about our favorite memories we’ve had that year! This will definitely be on our list!


After diner, we walked hand in hand back to our resort to enjoy our Jacuzzi tub. Our excursion day was tomorrow and we need our rest!-Dot

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