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Magic Kingdom “Happily Ever After” 2018

Magic Kingdom is still my favorite theme park at Walt Disney World! You walk inside and the first thing you notice is Cinderella’s Castle in the background. At first you’re thinking “Wow, I thought it would be bigger” but as you walk down Main St and you get closer, the magnitude of the castle hits you. To be honest, I get teary eyed every time I see it. I know you’ve heard this a million time, but WDW is “The happiest place on Earth”. While you’re walking down Main St. keep an eye out for a couple of things. The Citizens of Main Street USA (the Mayor, the Socialite, the Suffragette—crusading for women’s right to vote—or the Fire Chief) and The Dapper Dans (barbershop quartet that perform). It’s worth taking a few minutes out of your day to talk to them.

My first tip for Magic Kingdom is not to overdue it. I always tell my clients to expect to spend 2 days at Magic Kingdom. That way you can enjoy everything without being exhausted and having a couple of cranky kids on your hands. We made this mistake our first time visiting and felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation! Remember, if you stay at a Disney Resort they have Magic hours just for us! That means that each day one of their theme park will be either opened up early or stay open late JUST FOR DISNEY RESORT GUEST! This particular day Magic Kingdom opened up early so we took advantage of the extra hour we had.



Another advantage of staying at a Disney resort is having 3 fast passes each day. That means we were able to pick 3 rides to wait in a different line just for fast pass holders. The longest we ever waited was 20 min. Since we’ve been to Magic Kingdom 5 times we picked the rides that we knew would have the longest ride. My favorite ride is Seven Dwarfs mine train and the boys love Space Mountain because it’s in the dark. As you can see from the pictures below, we are thrill seekers. Well…maybe not Daniel LOL!

The best time to meet all your favorite characters are in the morning. Once you arrive, walk through Cinderella’s Castle and turn right. You’ll run right into Princess Fairytale Hall. Every day there are at least 3 different Princess you can meet, but it does change daily so don’t get your heart-broken if your favorite princess isn’t there. You’ll find her later that day.

After our late lunch, we always go back to our resort to either take a nap or let the boys cool off in the pool. Since we’re staying at a Disney resort we just wait for the next bus to whisk us away to our resort. Yet another advantage, not worrying about driving to/from our resort. I always wonder why people don’t stay at the Disney Resorts? They have resorts that fit almost every budget, they provide free transportation to/from the airport, and free transportation to/from the theme parks. But, having the theme park open up early or stay open late just for their guest is the main advantage. Those hours were process.

I forgot to tell you about our tradition while @ Magic Kingdom. The kids love to take pictures with Peter Pan and last time we were there, we had them pose the same way so we can compare pictures. Look how big they’ve gotten 🙂


Last tip, make sure you purchase Memory Maker with your WDW package. Memory maker is digital photo’s. Every time someone takes a picture of your family at WDW (resort, theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs) they will scan your Magic Band and your pictures will be downloaded to the app on your phone. That way you can post your Magical pictures on Social Media within minutes of them being taken. Disney also provides you copies of some of their professional pictures they’ve taken around the park, like the one of Cinderella’s castle above.

Once you’ve had dinner and returned to Magic Kingdom, head towards Cinderella’s Castle and grab a good place to watch Happily Ever After Fireworks show (starts at 9pm) Those 18 minutes are  Magical, breathtaking and a perfect ending to a perfect day. The story line starts with a dream… and takes you on an unforgettable journey that captures the heart, humor and heroism of many favorite Disney animated films, including: Frozen, Toy Story, Mulan, Big Hero 6 etc.. Let’s be honest, I cried a little.

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