Touring Tulum and The Mayan Ruins

Brady and I did 2 excursions in 1 day. We did Tulum which included their Mayan Ruins and beach. Later that afternoon, we were taken to Xel-Ha. Since there’s so much to say about these amazing excursions, I decided to split them up into 2 different blogs. Tip #1 bring comfortable shoes. We were supposed to meet @ our hotel lobby @ 8am and since the restaurants don’t open until then, we ordered room service for breakfast. Have I told you have amazing the view is from our room? After a relaxing breakfast on our patio, we  walked to our lobby @ El Dorado Seaside Resort. Our concierge service helped us set up our excursion. There’s a Lomas Travel representative on site to help with any question and the best part is, you can just charge it to your room. When we return, we will stay longer so we can experience the other excursion they offer.

Lomas Travel picked us up and they headed to 1 other resort to pick up their guest as well. The tour included an air-conditioned bus, tour guide and a bottle of water. Tip #2: bring bug repellent and don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Once we arrived, our tour guide divided up the group into languages. It was neat to see all the different languages being represented in Mexico. We walked through an archway and we walked back into time.

Each Mayan city had a specific purpose, and Tulum was no
exception. It was a seaport, trading, mainly in turquoise and jade. Made of Limestone, the 784 meter wall encloses the site on 3 sides. It’s 7 meters thick and varies between 3 and 5 meters in height. Like the questions which surround the
decline of the Mayan world, there are several theories as to why a wall surrounds Tulum. One myth is they protected from invader another it kept peasants outside.


The tour last 1.5 hours, which it isn’t enough time to walk around all the Ruins AND Tulum beach. So my 2nd tip is to divide this excursion into 2 different days. If you feel brave, you can grab a collectivo (bus) from your resort to Tulum. That way you’re not limited to only 1.5 hours. After the guide showed us around the Ruins, we walked around some more and only had 45 min to explore on our own. Brady is a history buff so this was on the top of his list. I’m more of a beach junkie so the beach was drawing me in!

Also, make sure you’re drinking tons of water. The dry heat really dehydrates you quickly! After we were done exploring the ruins we walked down the stairways to Tulum beach. The stairs are narrow so make sure you hold onto the rails. The description of the beach below doesn’t give it justice. Tulum beach feels like a oasis away from the world. It’s pristine white beach looks untouched. I can see why the Mayan would hide this paradise from the world.

Get the perfect combination of culture and picture-postcard landscapes when visiting the Tulum archaeological site, a majestic Mayan settlement built on a cliff facing the turquoise color sea. Your experience includes roundtrip transportation, bilingual guide, and bottled water in the archaeological site.


9 thoughts on “Touring Tulum and The Mayan Ruins

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I would love to visit the Mayan Ruins someday. How far would you say Tulum is from most of the resorts? Would it be a long bus ride on the collectivo? lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I would love to visit the Mayan Ruins someday. How far away is Tulum from most resorts? Would it be a long bus ride on the collectivo? lol

  3. I took a cruise to Cozumel and because the Yucatan port was taken off of the itinerary because of an issue with the ship, I missed out on this. I’m so jealous! After reading your post, I definitely know I have to go now. It’s amazing that structures from so long ago withstand the hands of time and we can still enjoy them today.

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