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Our tour of Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL

This is by far the boys (my husband Brady included) favorite park. They are obsessed with Star Wars and can’t wait for Star Wars: Galaxy Edge to open up in 2019. So until then, this is where you can meet Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, Jawa and interact with Storm Troopers. As you can see from the pictures below Kylo Ren really intimidated me. Of course, the boys were too busy laughing at me while I saved their lives LOL

My first tip for Hollywood Studios is to get there once it opens up and sign your kids up for Jedi Training Academy. Here’s the definition Disney has for this amazing academy: Under the tutelage of the Jedi, the recruits learn how to use the Force—and their wit—to wield lightsabers. Now that the Empire has driven the Jedi to the distant corners of the galaxy, the training must proceed in secret at ancient Jedi temples. This is only available for those who are 4-12 years old and you MUST sign up in advance. Its first come, first serve so do this first before you start your day.

Jedi Training Academy was Daniels favorite thing about the WHOLE trip. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to challenge Darth Vader to an epic light saber battle? At 3:00pm we went back to where we registered at the Indiana Jones Adventure post and waited for his name to be called. Daniel and about 20 more kids were in a group and were given their battle robes to wear. FYI..much to Daniel’s disappointment, you’re not allowed to keep the robes. Then, they marched to the stage to practice how to become a Jedi Training Master. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes and parents can watch from the sidelines. The best part is, there were 2 photographers taking pictures of the kids onstage so I didn’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot. Make sure you don’t forget to view the pictures and let them know which ones belong to you. The photographer took at least 15 pictures of Daniel.

My second tip is, if you have a Disney Visa Card, bring it. Hollywood Studios has a special line just for you. During a certain time, you can skip the regular line and meet one of the characters in this special Meet and Greet for Disney Card holders. While we were there it was Kylo Ren.

Hollywood Studios has rides or all ages and for those thrill seekers as well. This was my first time riding “Tower of Terror” and to be honest, I was terrified. There I said it! I am not a fan of closed quarters, elevators and darkness. 3 of my least favorite things. So of course my family insisted I go on this ride with them. Let me set up the scene. You walk inside this “hotel” which looks like something out of the Twilight Zone and it’s dark and filled with cob webs Did I tell you how much the tv show Twilight Zone scared me? That’s another blog…Anyway, they lead you inside this small room to watch a quick video and it tells you what’s about to happen. This didn’t help my nerves. Then walk inside a big elevator and told to but on your seatbelt. Never a good sign. LOL!!  The elevator slowly goes through the hotel and then drops you, out of nowhere! Yes, I screamed like a big baby! It did this several of times and I loved ever moment of it. Don’t let the scared look on my face fool you. (I’m in the front row wearing a pink t-shirt holding on for dear life)

Again, after we had a late lunch, we went back to our resort to take a long nap. Daniel had just bought a red light saber so he wanted to go back to practice his new-found Jedi skills. While you’re at Hollywood Studios, don’t forget to ride “The Great Movie Ride”. It’s being torn down for another ride so this will be your last change. Also, don’t forget to eat a Darth Vader cupcake! It’s a must especially for a little boy who just defeated him in person 🙂 I can’t include everything we did in my blog but here’s some highlights. We meet Olaf, loved the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (they even ask for volunteers), meet Buzz and Woody, and loved the Fantasmic show at the end of the day.

At 9:30 pm just like Magic Kingdom, there’s a fireworks show called Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks. It’s a State-of-the-art projection effects, dynamic lighting, lasers and pyrotechnics light up the night like never before! The music, magic and characters of Star Wars combine with special effects and fireworks to put you inside iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga. Definitely a must see for Star Wars fans!!



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