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Our review of El Dorado Seaside Resort in Mexico

This was our last Full day @ El Dorado Seaside Resort and we wanted to take full advantage of their many amenities today. For breakfast, we grabbed a golf cart and headed to Seaside Market.  The resort describes as “Breakfast is served with a side of beautiful scenery. Enjoy an International Food Display with all of the breakfast favorites, as well as salads, freshly baked bread, and pastries that will take you to a memorable culinary journey.”  The resort has a way to transport you to far away lands with their gourmet foods. Seaside Market reminded me of french bistro. Especially sitting outside and sitting on my espresso. Once you order your drink, you can grab your plate and help yourself to the array of breakfast items. There’s even a chef making “made to order” omelets or eggs.  I love my eggs sunny side up, how about you? This so far is my favorite breakfast place at the resort! The fruit is fresh and it taste like you’re having candy for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went upstairs to change. Since Brady and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary, we wanted to renew our wedding vows on the beach. Since we just wanted the 2 of us present, we had our photographer capture the moment. Jack, our amazing photographer  did a great job taking pictures around the resort. I loved how he used our surroundings to frame our photos. The cost for the pictures were $179 US dollars and it included 10 pictures and 1 hour with Jack. He actually had us pose in 6 different locations and had 150 pictures for us to pick from. That was the hard part, narrowing it down to only 10.

After our private photo shoot with Jack we changed and headed back to the beach for lunch. We found a new restaurant we hadn’t tried yet called Sandwicherie. It’s an open air restaurant that specializes in fired oven pizzas and Angus burgers. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity. For lunch started out with a salad and a light vinaigrette. Since I’m obsessed with avocados I had them add it to my salad. For my main course, I ordered their New York style burger. This was a Angus burger on a toasted bun, fries and a fried egg on top! I love when I bite into the egg and break the yoke apart. It makes for the most tender, juicy burger you’ve ever had! Brady ordered the Margarita pizza but after seeing my juicy burger, he changed his mind and ordered a burger for himself. That’s the beauty about an “all-inclusive” resort, you can do that.

After lunch we walked around the corner and saw a booth that was selling ceramics. The lady Gloria had different types of ceramics you can paint and she will glaze them afterwards. This wasn’t included in the price but it ranged anywhere from $20 and up. She had figurines, vases, plates, animals, all whole variety of things to paint. Since I’m a teacher, and my classroom theme is an “owl” we picked the owl. Tip #1: before you get started painting your ceramic remember this isn’t a short project. It took Brady three hours to paint our owl. While we were sitting at the table painting, other couples came to join our fun. It was neat sitting with other people, talking and getting to know them better. One particular lady was working on her 2nd ceramic turtle, while another one had come back to finish her project. I really wish I could remember the people we met while painting. They were so lovely and full of life. One couple was from the Scotland, and another one was from England. Like I said before, I could sit there and listen to their accents all day long! I was sad when we finished our 3 hour painting marathon since we had made new friends, but my butt was ready to walk around and try something else. I included the picture of the owl belong! Don’t you think Brady did a great job!

We walked around and found a bigger than life chess and checkers board to play. The kids would have loved this. Afterwards, the waves were finally calm enough to try Kayaking. At the kayak hut, there is a flag that tells  you the conditions of the water. If there is a yellow flag, then you can do the water activities like snorkeling or kayaking. But, if there is a red flag than the waters are too rough. I truly love kayaking. I find it calming and relaxing. The water is so clear that you could see the fishes swimming all around you. You didn’t even need a snorkel gear to enjoy them. Tip #2, if you plan to bring your phone while kayaking, make sure you have a waterproof case or put it in a plastic bag. You will get it wet!

After kayaking, we decided to go back to our room for a quick swim in our pool before we headed to dinner. We knew this was our last full day and didn’t want to waste a single minute. We had made reservations for Mia Casa, an intimate Italian restaurant near the main lobby. At El Dorado, there was only 2 restaurants that you need to make reservations Klay Talay a Asian infused restaurant and Gourmet Pub. We heard great things about both but sadly didn’t have time to try Klay Talay. All the restaurants at our resort have a dress code. The ladies can wear basically what they would wear to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. The men can wear long pants or formal Bermuda shorts with sandals. This is what Brady wore with a collared shirt every night. Remember  how I said the breakfast restaurant reminded me of Paris? Well Mia Casa reminded me of Italy. As soon as you walk in you feel like you’re in a small Italian village. The colors are lively and vibrant. There’s even a gondola in the entrance where you can sit inside and take a picture. For dinner we started out with a mozzarella and tomato salad. Brady had the risotto while I had the chicken Parmigiano with mashed potatoes. Brady was still full from lunch so he decided to try something light. Also, we were heading to the tequila bar afterwards and wanted to save room. I loved the atmosphere of Mia Casa but the chicken didn’t have a lot of flavor. It was just different from the chicken Parmigiano I was used to at home.

As the night came to a close, we headed to Mezcalito bar for a night-cap. This rustic bar is named after one of Mexico’s favorite liquor It’s located in the main lobby and it’s hidden so don’t overlook it. Tip #3, order the flower-pot. It’s an alcoholic, chocolate flavored drink that actually comes inside a flower-pot. It goes down smoothly so be careful and don’t try too many. As our last night comes to an end, Brady and I reminisce about our new memories and take about our wonderful resort. We can’t wait to return but we cant’ wait to go home to our boys! Thank you @ El Dorado Seaside Resort for an amazing vacation and pampering us for these 5 days. I will miss being able to pick up the phone and ordering  anything 24 hours a day. Having an ocean view from my balcony and having beautiful towel animals waiting to surprise me in my room. You truly know how to spoil a girl and how to make us feel special for our 20 year anniversary!

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