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Tour of Disney Cruise Line 2018

Thank you Disney Cruise Line  for the opportunity to tour your Dream Ship. While my family was enjoying the many amenities at Disney’s Port Orleans- Riverside I embarked on an hour car ride to Port Canaveral, Florida. Disney Cruise Line has a signature colors that you can’t miss: black hull, white superstructure, yellow trim and giant red funnels. It gets you excited about your voyage and you haven’t even stepped foot on the ship yet! Before boarding the ship, we made our way through an entrance that looked like Mickey Mouse Ears. No other cruise line makes you feel as welcomed. As you enter the ship, you’ll notice the royal blue and gold throughout. The grand staircase invites you to enter and makes you feel like royalty. Almost like you’ve set foot in the movie Beauty and The Beast.

On the Dream Ship, there is a suite called the Walter Disney Suite. Not everyone will be able to afford this so I wanted to give you a look inside. It’s a two bedroom suite that can sleep up to 7 people. One bedroom has a queen bed and the other has twin beds with two extra pull down ones as well. The suite host 2 bathrooms and includes your own personal whirlpool on your verandah. If that wasn’t enough, you have your own living room, library, wet bar and kitchenette. All the luxurious amenities anyone would want.

Now that you’ve seen how amazing their Walter E. Suite is, let me tell you about the many amenities Disney Cruise Line has to offer. Since I have two boys who are five years apart, it’s hard to find activities they both enjoy together. Well, Disney made it easy for me. They have a Oceaneer Lab for kids who are 3-12 years old and they have a teen area called Vibe. This is only for kids who are 14-17 years old. So as you can see, Disney has figured out a way to entertain all ages. Let’s start out by talking about the Oceaneer Lab. I can’t mention everything the kids can do so I’ll just highlight a few. When you walk in you’ll notice it’s divided up into different sections and themes. The kids can hang out in Andy’s Room, Disney Infinity Game room, Pixie Hollow (Tinker Bell’s home) and Star Wars Millennium Falcon. In addition to arts and crafts, kids can watch the large-screen TV, design their own starship, train to be a Jedi or climb inside Han Solo’s cockpit. Don’t forget some of your characters will also stop by to play with your child!

Now that you’ve seen what Disney has to offer for the smaller kids, let’s talk out our teens. Disney has designed an area just for them called Vibe. As you walk through the neon lighted hallway, you’ll realize this isn’t your typical teens area. It almost looks like an urban night spot. Vibe offer teens an area to practice their karaoke, watch movies on their 103 in LCD screen, a dance floor, and even an outdoor deck just for them. The deck offers a lounge area to sunbathe, a splash pool, and deck games like foosball and a giant checker board on the floor. Sorry, parents, this is only for teens!

I know what you’re thinking. Wait, Disney has taken care of entertaining the kids, what about the adults? Well…this section is just dedicated for us! My favorite part of the tour was experiencing Senses Spa and Salon. They offer all the same amenities at a regular spa but with some Disney Magic. You can get a couples message, pedicure, manicure, and different facial treatments. My favorite part was the rainforest-themed aromatherapy steam rooms. It allows you to relax and truly enjoy your vacation. After you spa treatment, head over to The Quiet Cove Pool. This adult only area allows you enjoy a quiet pool, soak up the sun, relax and sip on a cocktail. Don’t worry, if the temp gets below 75 degrees, the pool will be heated!

Since I’m a foodie, I had to share my favorite restaurant on Disney’s Dream ship. The main dining offers two different options. Royal Palace or Animator’s Palate. Unlike other cruise ships, your waiter stays with you throughout your stay. So even though you’re visiting a different restaurant every night, you’ll still see the same wait staff. When you walk inside the Animator’s Palate, you’ll notice the walls are covered with black and white sketches of Disney drawings. Remember how I said that Disney takes pride in their detail work? Well, this is especially true in their dining experience. You are part of the Disney magic and even the plates reflect it. The chair is decorated in Mickey Mouse colors, their butter knife is made to look like a painter’s brush and the theme continues in their tablescape as well. But, that’s not the only Disney touch. While you’re eating dinner, you’ll notice that the colors on the sketches will change. You’ll start your dining experience with the sketches being black and white and by the time dinner is over, the sketches will be painted. There’s another Disney surprise, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Just make sure you pay attention to the paintings near by.

Thanks for coming along with me as I tour Disney’s Dream Ship. Thank you again Disney Cruise Line for this amazing opportunity. As a travel agent, I’m always asked about Disney Cruise and if it’s worth paying the extra amount? My answer is always YES!! Disney has created a place where parents can enjoy some alone time and kids can meet other kids their own age. It’s always going to be my #1 choice for a cruise line. Just last month it won 2017 Cruise Critic Cruiser’s Choice Awards. Disney Dream was recognized for top cruise ships in the Best For Families category. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! – Dot


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