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El Norte Mexican Grill Plano, TX

I love finding little gems hidden in our busy town. This was the case when we found El Norte Mexican Grill in Plano. It’s on a corner street but don’t worry, their building and neon light will make it hard to miss. The restaurant is inside a turquoise building that resembles a Mexican pueblo. It sets the tone for your vacation to Mexico. Their website describes their food as “A unique blend of tex-mex and southwest cuisine.” I definitely agree with the description. Once you open the door, you will enter inside to a small, quaint and bright restaurant. The ceilings are made from wood pallets and different murals are painted around the walls. In the corner, there is a 4 person bar war with a sign that reads “When life hands you lemons…Add Salt and Tequila”

El Norte offers a different special every day. Since it was Thursday night, I decided to try their chicken Quesadilla. Daniel had their kids meal that came with a taco and rice while Brady ordered the 2 different enchilada’s. Tip #1 order 1 meltdown drink with your dinner. Yes, I definitely suggest only getting one, those babies are strong!

Our waiter Chuck came out with our crispy tortilla chips and salsa. The salsa is hot enough for the adults but doesn’t burn your kids mouth. Definitely Daniel approved. My quesadilla came with a side of sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole. The meat was flavorful and the tortilla had the perfect char to it. I had a bite of Brady’s chicken sour cream enchilada and to be honest, I picked the wrong item. This was filled with spicy roasted chicken and topped with their special sour cream sauce. The sauce was made with a sour cream base but the spicy jalapeños made it flavorful and spicy.


Tip #2 ask for double rice instead of beans and rice. That way you can taste their Mexican rice AND their chipotle rice. I like the chipotle one, let me know which one you like better!

As  you can see from the pictures above, their plates are plentiful. Our waiter Chuck did a great job refilling our drinks and keeping our tortilla basket filled as well. Unfortunately, by the time dessert rolled around, I was stuffed. But, I will definitely return for their “fried ice cream”! This is a dessert made from a breaded scoop of ice cream that is quickly deep-fried creating a warm, crispy shell and dusted with cinnamon.      I’ll make sure to post the pictures once I return. Tip #3: Don’t forget if  you order a kid’s meal they get a free snow cone with their meal! Daniel made sure to remind me after dinner! – Dot





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