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Enchant Christmas in Arlington, Texas

Every year, our we always look for Christmas activities to do as a family. So, I was excited to hear that Enchant Christmas was touring in Texas for the first time this year! I found a YouTube video of it and showed my two boys! They were hooked! Finding something a twelve year-old and a sixteen year-old can agree on was a Christmas miracle. For those who don’t know, Enchant is the world’s largest Christmas Maze that is now touring the U.S. It features an outdoor skating rink, food trucks, live music, Santa’s palace, a shopping market and Texas’s largest Christmas tree!  This massive 300,000 square feet even takes place at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. 

When you arrive at the Globe Life Park, park at the Parking Lot “F” since it’s a short walk to the entrance. When you arrive, you’ll see two massive 25 foot tall reindeer’s waiting to take a selfie with you! After entering the gates, you’ll notice the skating rink in front of you. It’s very similar to skating in Central park in NYC. Skating itself is free, but the skate rental is $5 dollars a person. My son Daniel isn’t experienced at ice-skating so he skating along the edge of the rink and held on for his deal life. LOL!

After you’re done ice-skating you have different options to where to proceed to next. I would visit Santa first since that line gets very long. He is right behind the ice skating shoes rental so he’s easy to find. Tip #1 Wear comfortable shoes. The place is big so you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss anything! After visiting Santa at his one-of a kind Palace, I would head to the world’s largest Christmas light maze! Yes, you heard me correctly! This was the kids favorite part of Enchanted Christmas. As you enter, they will give you a card that says “The Great Search.” You need to help Santa find his reindeer’s that are lost inside this Magical maze. Each time you find a reindeer, you scratch off the circle where you find his name.  Both my kids were running around searching for the reindeer’s. Boy, they can run fast! Don’t worry about starting at any particular place! All of the door end up in the same place, the beautiful 100 ft Christmas Tree.

After we found all the reindeer’s, we walked over to the food trucks to get some dinner. That night there was 4 different food trucks. There’s also picnic tables available for you to sit at while you enjoy your meal and the live entertainment. The live Christmas music and hot chocolate really made the whole experience feel festive and cheerful. After eating our delicious food, we decided to walk through the Enchant Market. There’s 85 vendors selling snacks, and unique present ideas. It was getting chilly when we went so we didn’t have time to visit the Kid’s Mini Maze, but this would have been perfect for someone with a toddler or younger kid. Our 2 hours went by quickly at Enchant Christmas and we loved every minute of it. I loved seeing the kids run around looking for the reminders and working together as a team. We can’t wait to return next year to our new Christmas tradition! If you would like to visit Enchant Christmas, I have a special code you could use for 20% your ticket! Merry Christmas- Dot

Purchase tickets at: EnchantChristmas.com
Promotional code: SANTA
Valid days/ dates: Nov 26-30, Dec 3-7, Dec 10
Valid Ticket Types: Adult, Kids, Senior, Military/EMS
Offer: 20% off base price!

A huge thank you to Enchant Christmas for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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