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When I think about a juicy cheeseburger, a Latin restaurant isn’t the first thing that crosses my mind. But, it will now! My friend Stephanie suggested I try the Chori burger at La Duni restaurant and I’m glad I listened. The menu says the chori burger is a combination of Angus ground beef and Argentinean pork sausage. The patty is topped with pecans, caramelized onions, sharp white cheddar, lettuce, Avocado, mayo, and Bacon on pan de yema bread. When my plate arrived, I was surprised to see how big the burger was. You can easily share this with a friend. The combination of Angus beef, pork sausage, crunchy bacon, and pecans provided the perfect marriage of sweet, savory and salty. My only complaint was the heat. I would of liked more punch or seasoning. Then our waiter Victor suggested we add their horseradish to the mix. Wow! This extra layer of heat is what I needed. Now, lets not forget about the bread.  For those Pan De Yema “virgins,” its a rich, sugar-coated egg bread, that’s tender, flaky, and it’s traditionally prepared for Day of the Dead. The Pan De Yema soaked up all the wonderful juices and didn’t allow my burger to fall apart. Which is important for a burger!!

So, next time you’re craving a big juicy burger, don’t pass up La Duni Latin Kitchen, and better yet, stay for dessert. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!



                                                                                                                                             LA DONA MARGARITA


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  1. Thanks for the honest feedback. I do agree. My last experience wasn't pleasant either due to the lack of customer service. My waitress seemed mad to be working there. Hopefully, they will see this and improve. 🙂

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