Our anniversary trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico

Sadly, our last day @ El Dorado Seaside resort has arrived. My only regret was not spending more days at this luxurious resort. Riviera Maya has so many excursions that a week would be better. We woke up bright on early and had breakfast at our favorite place, Seaside Market. I ordered a double espresso since we had a day of travel a head of us. Our flight didn’t leave until 12:30 but we had to leave by 9am to the airport. Once we checked out, our driver was waiting for us near the lobby. Tip #1 Make sure you pay extra for the private transportation. Why? Here are the benefits. When you book your package, you can add transportation to/from the airport but if you don’t pick “private transportation” then the bus driver will drop off and pick up other guest before you. Since our resort is an hour and 15 min from the airport, we would have been the last stop. If you have your own driver, you don’t have to pick up any other guest.

After we arrived in the airport, our driver took our luggage and walked us up to the ticket counter. If you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll love this part. Our driver spoke to the ticket agent (who only spoke Spanish) and checked us in. He also took the liberty to ask her to upgrade our seat. At this point we were in row 25, way in the back. She was nice enough to move us to the front of the plane to row 9 at no extra charge!! This was our first time flying Spirit airlines and we weren’t familiar with all the extra charges. We didn’t realize they charge for carry on bags and any bags you check in. They even charge extra if you want a different seat. Thank goodness, our driver helped take care of that charge. Tip #2, Cancun airport doesn’t tell you the terminal your flight will depart from until 1 hour before your flight. So, make sure you watch the monitors so you know where to go. At this time we were notified that our flight was delayed 2 hours so we made ourselves comfortable until our flight. We had such an amazing experience celebrating our 20 year anniversary! I really can’t believe how fast time flies by. On my next post, I will be creating a list of tips for your Mexican vacation so stay tuned! I hope you like our video that showcases our time @ El Dorado Seaside Resort -Dot


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