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Medieval Times Dinner Theater Dallas, TX

Last week we took the boys to experience the new dinner show at Medieval Times in Dallas, TX. For those who haven’t been there, you are missing out. When you walk through the castle, you are transported back into times when Kings and Queens ruled the land. When winches served us foods and sword fighting was part of your past time. Our reservations was on a Sunday for the 5pm dinner show and I honestly thought it wouldn’t be crowded since it’s a Sunday night. I was wrong! The email confirmation says you can arrive up to 75 minutes before your show time so we arrived 45 minutes in advance. I was surprised to see a line already formed but it went quickly. Once you enter, they will place a crown on your head with your team’s color. During our performance we were on the black and white team. This will let you know what knight to cheer on! Before the show starts, you can walk around and interact with the actors in the show, shop or grab a drink at the bar. For an extra cost, you can tour the medieval “torture chamber’. There’s old torture devices and description on this was used on their victims. It’s definitely not suitable for younger kids and it’s better that way since it won’t make sense to them anyway. Tip #1 Definitely plan on arriving an hour in advance. We enjoyed walking around and the boys loved looking at the swords. I even took a picture with the Queen herself. There’s lot’s of souvenir for the kids to purchase and even real knives as well!



Right before the show starts, they will announce what color can enter the arena. Depending on what type of ticket you purchased will depend where you sit and when you enter. Medieval Times offers different level of tickets and next time I will upgrade our family to the Queens Royal package. This package includes guaranteed seating in the first-row or second row, center section, entrance group photo, VIP lanyard, and cheering banner for each member of the party! Our tickets were located in the center section but on the 3rd row. Next, time I will upgrade my ticket!                                                                  Tip #2 upgrade your tickets to a package deal. The kids will love being so close to the action and it’s a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

Once you take your seat, your dinner plates and napkin are place in front of you. The menu is written on your napkin and be prepared for a feast! Tip #3, come to Medieval Times hungry! Your ticket includes a 4 course meal and since we are back in the medieval times, no silverware is served with it either! Your first course consists of a delicious garlic bread and tomato bisque soup. It comes inside a bowl with a handle so it’s easy to sip. During your meal, you’ll be entertained by different things. You’ll experience the Flight of the Royal Falcon and watch this falcon fly around the arena. My favorite was the white stallion. This magnificent beauty prances around and keeps you wanting more. During the same time, your waiter or winch will come around and pass out the rest of your meal. The main course is roasted chicken with sweet butter corn and her basted potato. Again, since you don’t have silverware, you’ll have to tear into the chicken by hand. Let me tell you, the kids will love this!



I was too busy watching the show and completely forgot to take a picture of our full meal! During our main course is when the sword battle and jousting occurs. You’ll be standing up cheering on your knight as he battles other knights. These trained knights not only use swords, but battle-axes and spears. The sound of the swords hitting each other can be loud so my Tip #3 would be to prep your toddler in advance of this noise. Again, it’s not loud, but if it’s your child’s first time to see a sword fight, they may think it’s real. My boys are older and loved how to sparks flew off the weapons and you get caught up in the moment and forget you’re just an audience member. The last part of the show there’s a jousting competition against the knights and a winner is announced.




These 2 pictures above are my favorite so far. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but Daniel sat staring at the show the whole night and barely said a word. He was in awe of the knights, the performance and everything about this dinner show. Even my 16-year-old didn’t take his phone out once, well except to take a picture of course! Definitely approved by a preteen and a teenager! I forgot to mention, during the performance, your knight will be passing out carnations to the ladies in the crowd. Sometimes he would throw it to the higher rows, but mostly he picked the ladies in the front. Another reason to upgrade to front row seats! At the end of the meal, you get a pastry and coffee. The pastry that night was a slice of lemon cake! Delicious, well the whole meal was delicious! I honestly don’t know how they afford to charge so little for the amount of food you get and entertainment. The whole tournament lasted around 2 hours and the kids couldn’t wait to plan their next trip! Thank you again Medieval Times for an unforgettable night that my boys are still talking about weeks later- Dot











I was provided free tickets to attend Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.  However, all opinions are my own. 


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