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Revolver Brewery Granbury, TX

When you think about a brewery, you usually don’t think “kid friendly” But, this isn’t the case @ Revolver Brewery in Granbury, TX. Our favorite beer is Revolver and when we found out they had their own Brewery only 1.5 hours away, we were trilled. The admission is $10 dollars a person and it includes a logo pint glass and four 8oz beer tasting. This event only happens on Saturdays from 12-3:00pm. Since it’s an outdoor event, I suggest going either in the fall or spring time. It gets too hot in Texas during the summer months. We arrived around 1pm and tried our first tasting “blood and honey”. This, by far is my favorite that Revolver makes.

Reliever describes Blood and Honey as a deep golden al made with males two row barley and wheat. The brew is finished with Blood Orange zest, local Texas honey and other spices that make this a unique beer. The taste of honey and oranges is very faint but makes this a best seller in my book. After getting our drinks, we walked over to the vendors for lunch. The prices are very affordable and there’s plenty to pick from. Brady ordered a brisket sandwich and I ordered chicken. Daniel was thrilled with his hotdog and especially excited about his “pretzel” necklace. Yes, folks for $3 whole dollars, you child can get necklace made out of pretzels. As Daniel showed me, you didn’t even need your hands to enjoy this treat! LOL

Once you have your lunch and your revolver beer, you can either sit down outside or inside a barn. Since it was too hot to sit outside so we picked the make shift barn. All around the brewery, there’s picnic tables for you to enjoy. But, you can bring your lawn chair if you prefer. There’s live music, tours and games for the kids to play.

After our tasty and filling lunch, Brady and I joined a group to tour the brewery. The tour lasted about 20 minutes and we learned the history of Revolver and how the beer is made. The boys were patiently waiting for us to play a game of Jenga. They actually have a “Giant” version of this game. They also have a bag toss game but by this time, it was getting so hot we opted to just try Giant Jenga.

After sweating in the sun for a couple of hours, it was time to get some ice-cream. Tip #1: don’t visit during the summer months. The band was playing, the kids were enjoying themselves but the Texas heat was too much to take. Next time we’ll return on a cooler day and hopefully enjoy it more. It was neat to see how many families were enjoying themselves. Couples were dancing to the music and kids were actually playing games instead of being glued to their phones. Tip #2: when you’re finished, head over to Downtown Granbury to enjoy some ice-cream and antique shopping. Overall, it was a perfect little road trip to take with the family. We tried some tasty foods and learned more about our favorite beer Revolver!- Dot

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