Rockfish Seafood Grill Restaurant

When a girl gets hungry for fish on a Saturday night, even eating at a “chain” restaurant sounds delicious. Since the wait at Rockfish Seafood Grill was only 15 minutes, that was my choice for the evening. Rockfish  has locations in Texas and South Carolina, so it’s still a growing company.This particular Rockfish restaurant was small, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying something new. Besides, their wine bottles were half off on a SATURDAY night!!

My appetizer for the evening was the Volcano Shrimp. It’s fried shrimp with a spicy, garlic-chili sauce. It’s such a simple, yet delicious dish. The appetizer is served on a over sized, martini like glass. Even though its described as a garlic-chili sauce, the heat is tame. The main taste is the garlic sauce and the heat hits you at the end. Great combination.
For my entree I decided on the Crab Stuffed Flounder. The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked. What made this dish so decadent was the sauce. It’s a Pontchartrain sauce that is made of heavy cream, butter, and creole mustard that is poured on top of the crab stuffed flounder. It brought out the buttery taste of the already marvelous flounder. The picture I took doesn’t give it justice. Again, it was a great pair! Flounder and crab, you can’t go wrong!
Tip: This is a great restaurant for kids since they provide a bucket of peanuts and encourage them to throw the casing on the floor. Kids love making a mess!!
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