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T.B.D. Kitchen

What does tacos and million dollar homes have in common? It’s T.B.D., the new Mexican restaurant that just opened up in Castle Hills. The location is hidden inside a strip mall next to 3.14 Pie Pizza and the only sign it has an arrow pointing to the door. So, if you blink, you might miss it! I once read a book when I was young called “Dias De los Muertos” it’s a Mexican holiday where they celebrate the people who have died. The decorations remind me of that book. The walls are bright green and black with skeletons dancing on them. The women’s bathroom has a skeleton with a black wig and a red rose on it. It definitely leaves an impression when you walk in. The menu is small and side items like rice or beans are not available. But, the manager said it was temporary until they cultivated their craft.
My favorite thing to do is to visit a new place with a group of friends. That way, everyone can order different things and share their plate. For starters we ordered the Guacamole and the Queso-Fundido-con Chorizo.  The guacamole was bland with no bold flavors, but the queso was amazing. To begin, everything is considered a la carte so if you wanted extra chips for your appetizer or for your salsa, it’s considered extra. So, I suggest you order some for this delicious queso. The chorizo gives the queso a warm heat and fatty flavor. I don’t know about you, but those are two great combination. I want to warn you, it gets messy.
The street-style tacos are about 2 dollars a piece and your choices are beef steak, barbacoa (beef cheek stew), carnitas (fried pork shoulder), Mexican chorizo and pollo (chicken). The other option is to order taco plates which is 10 dollars a plate. You can pick from baja shrimp, baja Mahi Mahi, cactus, fried avocado or Alambre.  My favorite taco was the baja shrimp and the Mahi Mahi. Unlike other tacos, the cervaza batter was light and delicate. It didn’t try to cover the flavors but bring out the freshness. My other suggestion is to order an extra citrus Aloli sauce. It was a sweeter version of thousand island but not as thick.
Even though it’s a small menu, right now. T.B.D. packs bold, fresh flavors. Their bartender does the same thing for their unique, Mexican drinks. We may be thousands of miles from Mexico but this little suburban restaurant lets you experience those flavors here at home.






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