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The Londoner Pub

I’m always in search of a bar that provides excellent service and wonderful food. That is what I found last week at the Londoner Pub in Frisco.  On this particular cold day, my car was being serviced and I needed a place to relax for a couple of hours. As soon as I walked into the Londoner, I knew I made the right choice. The warm fireplace and dark mahogany walls reminded me of a English living room. You have the option of sitting near a big screen t.v. or a cozy corner next to the fireplace. For those Harry Potter fans, it reminded me of Three Broomsticks restaurant. A great surprise! After ordering a glass of Guinness beer, I decided to try the Cheesy Hampton fries for my appetizer. The fries were covered with white cheddar, apple-smoked bacon, and green onions. It’s a perfect dish to share with a friend since the amount is generous. As for my lunch, the obvious choice was fish and chips. The beer battered cod was fresh, and flaky. The tartar sauce was tangy and a great addition to the meal. My favorite part was the newspaper my lunch arrived on. This attention to details, made me feel like I was eating in a authentic English pub.  After I finished my lunch, I grabbed my beer and sat on the couch in front of the fireplace. Besides the waiter checking on me from time to time, I never felt rushed or hurried. Next time you’re looking for a place to keep you warm this winter, come by the Londoner. The tasty fish and chips, inviting atmosphere, and beer selection will keep you coming for years 🙂




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