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The perfect Girls Night Out at Grapefest 2017.

  1. Arrive early! This is especially true if you plan on going during Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Bring an appetite. The vendors tease you with their smells and tantalizing samples. So, come prepared to eat. Just think of it as a practice for the State Fair of Texas.
  3. Bring comfortable shoes! There’s lots to see, stores to browse through and wine to be drank. So at least you can be comfortable during it.
  4. For $5.00 a person, you and your friend can reenact a episode of “I Love Lucy”. You’ll take turn stomping 18 pounds of grapes in two minutes. Note to self, do not wear white jeans! LOL
  5. If you go on a Friday night, it’s Free admission until 5pm! Just imagine all the wine you can buy with the money you saved.
  6. Car pool, car pool, car pool! Enough said!
  7. Go back the next day with the kids! Then purchase an Unlimited Ride Pass, good for Thursday evening from 5 p.m. – close. They have the usual carnival games and rides that all kids enjoy!
  8. Try all the different Texas wines, not all at once!
  9. Take your time looking around. All the shops had their own unique feel. We loved looking at the Christmas store and looking through the antique shops.
  10. Please be safe and have a designated driver! I hope you have as much fun as we did for our Girls Night Our @Grapefest. What’s your favorite part?-Dot
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