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Tips for an amazing day at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, TX

Hope you enjoy my tips for Schlitterbahn Waterpark

  1. Arrive early. This is especially true if you want a shaded spot for the day!
  2. Bring your cooler. We always bring food to make sandwiches, chips, and drinks.
  3. Buy a 2 day pass. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is divided up into 2 section and it’s hard to do them both in 1 day. Believe me, we’ve tried!
  4. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and reapply every couple hours. You don’t want grumpy kids because their sunburned.
  5. Stay at their hotel.  This is a great idea especially if you have small kids. Since both their hotels are located onsite, you can go back and have the kids take a nap. Also, another advantage is, they open up their waterpark 1 hour early ONLY FOR THEIR RESORT GUEST!
  6. Stay hydrated! This is another reason to bring your cooler full of water. We compromise with the boys and allow them to drink a soft drink ONLY after they’ve had a bottle of water.
  7. Get a locker for the day. Since my phone isn’t water proof, we keep it and Brady’s wallet in the locker. That way I don’t have to worry about it being out in public.
  8. Take lots of pictures!
  9. If you’re not staying at their resorts, consider renting one of their Cabanas. The prices vary but can include a mini-fridge, 42′ Flat Screen TV, bottle water, ceiling fan, souvenir towels and a Wait Staff. All the comforts of home!
  10. Have fun! As we were leaving Daniel said “Best Day Ever”. I can’t argue with him -Dot
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