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Tips for touring NYC

  1. If you’re visiting NYC in the Spring, make sure to dress in layers. (I’m always cold so this is a must for me)
  2. Bring comfortable shoes. I know you want to look fashionable walking down the streets of NYC but even New Yorkers change into tennis shoes while walking.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take the subway. There’s too much to see not to take advantage of the subway system. It’s confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it!
  4. Experience at least 1 Broadway show! We loved Aladdin and it’s the perfect Musical to introduce your kids to the world of Broadway!
  5. Take the double decker tour. This will give you an overview of the city and show you the iconic buildings as well!
  6. Don’t expect to do everything on your first visit. We’ve been 3 times and still haven’t seen everything on my list.
  7. Take the Statue of Liberty evening cruise. This is the perfect time to unwind and watch the sun set over NYC’s beautiful skyline.
  8. Do explore other parts of NYC. Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge was amazing and worth the extra steps!
  9. Try new restaurants. This isn’t time to try the same “food chain” restaurants you’ll find at home. Be adventures, you won’t be disappointed!
  10. Have a great time! Dot

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