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Top 10 gifts for a Teacher written by a Teacher

Not only am I a mom, wife, lifestyle blogger, but I’m also a kindergarten teacher. I have received some amazing gifts from my students and I wanted to share my list for other parents!

      1. Basket with the Teacher’s favorite things: If you look on the Teacher’s website you’ll notice he/she has filled out a form called “Favorite things”. This will give you some great ideas of what to fill the basket with. I would get Urban Legacy Letter Initial Monogram Storage Basket Burlap Eco-Friendly Jute. It’s big enough where you can fill it with her favorite things and the Monogram makes it more personal.




      2. A Personal Note: If you’re like a lot of parents, Christmas can be tough on the wallet. Writing a note to the teacher is a perfect way to demonstrate how much they are appreciated!




      3. Gift Card to their favorite store: As a mom, wife, blogger and teachers, I’m always buying things for other people. This will force them to stop and think about themselves for a change. Remember, to look at their “favorite things” list for ideas!




      4. Pedicure/Manicure gift card: As a teacher, we are always on our feet. Nothings feels better than a long foot rub after a long day. This is my favorite time to unwind, have a glass of wine and relax! 🙂



      5. An  hour massage: Last, year I received this as a present and I loved it! My room mom handed me a gift card for an hour massage and said the gratuity as already included! All, I had to do was set up the appointment! Best Day Ever!!


      6. Something they collect: My classroom is owl themed and I love when my students give me an owl for my classroom. My favorite one was from a student 2 years ago, it’s a picture that says “Owl love you forever”



      7. Keurig coffee maker: My husband is a Special Ed teacher and he works with some amazing teachers as well. One year a mom gave their team a Keurig coffee maker for their classroom! It’s a great idea if you want to give a gift to a group of teachers!


      8. An Ornament: I truly do love ornaments! Every time our family goes on a vacation, I pick up an ornament to remind me of that memory. My favorite ornament is “snowman” Mickey Mouse we picked up at Walt Disney World!



      9. Things for their classroom: We always spend a lot of money getting our classroom ready and buying supplies for the kids who can’t afford them. As of today, I need to get glue sticks because my classroom is almost out! A basket full of school supplies would be amazing!



      10. Flowers: I love getting flowers at school! Not only does it make me feel special, but it brightens up my desk. Benchmark Bouquets does a great job supplying beautiful flowers at a reasonable price.




As a teacher, I am thankful for ANY gift my student has given me. But, this year instead of getting your child’s teacher another mug, try to find something more personable. I hope you enjoyed my list and please feel free to add any of yours!

– Dot


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