Adventure in rock climbing! 

I love finding new things for my kids to try. So when I found out Summit Indoor climbing was ten minutes away from us, we had to try it. Once we arrived, we were fitted with a harness, were given different shoes to change into and were shown how to use all the equipment. As you can see from the pictures below, Christian was very interested in how to rock climb and asked lots of questions. I love that their employee took the time to answer his questions.. When you rock climb, you have two options. You can use a “auto belays” or “belaying”. Let me explain. Auto Belay means you attach yourself to this steel cable and it keeps you safe as you go up and down the wall. It’s very similar to a seat belt. It allows you to have room but once it feels pressure not he line, it’ll hold you in place. The second option is called belaying. This allows one person to manage the rope or protect the climber as he/she is going up the wall. They control the slack on the road and catch the climber if they fall. Obviously this is a big responsibility so Summit requires the person belaying to be thirteen years or older. During our orientation, Brady and Christian were our official Belayers and practice before we were comfortable to do it on our own.

Summit is divided up into two sections. One is for rock climbing and the other is for those who want to try bouldering. This is where you climb shorter walls ranging from 13 to 16 feet high “unroped”. Christian loved bouldering and stayed the majority of his time in this section. Daniel on the other hand, did auto belaying. You really need a lot of upper strength to make it up the walls but it’s a lot of fun. I was impressed on how determine Christian was to do this. To be honest, you will fall but don’t worry, the floors are padded and they will teach you how to fall to reduce any injuries. Christian and I would try a wall and then watch to see how others would do it. They also had some rock surfaces that are relatively horizontal to the ground and goes directly over your head. I tried but I still couldn’t figure out how to maneuver those.

Tip #1 don’t be afraid to try something new. We’ve tried indoor rock climbing before but didn’t enjoy it. But, the staff and facility made this experience memorable. Christian can’t wait to return and has even asked about getting a membership. Have you tried indoor rock climbing? How did you like it? -Dot

A huge thank you to Summit for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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